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Help us reach our $10,000 Goal

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As they say, GO BIG or go home!

We have set a crazy goal!  It's bold.  It's huge.  But God!  Will you partner with us on December 3, Giving Tuesday, to help us reach this goal?  Your funds will directly help fund the ministry of Western IL FCA as we use the platform of sports to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to coaches and student athletes.  

GivingTuesday was founded as a simple idea: to bring people together for a day of giving back. It has since spread like a wave across the world, with over 160 countries in 2018. Now in it's 8th year, nearly every country on earth in participating in GivingTuesday.

Did you know that Western Illinois FCA is 100% funded by partnerships with people just like you? In 2019, you helped our local ministry influenced approximately 1,000 coaches and athletes to share and show Jesus as bold Christ-followers. Through the work of our four staff members and more than 100 volunteers in Western Illinois, we are teaching our coaches and athletes to point glory to Christ through their competition and their lives.  

Everyone can have an impact on GivingTuesday. Will you please join Western IL FCA by partnering with us and our mission to see the gospel shared through sports in our local communities.

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How is my money used?

Each month nearly 20 huddles and coaches bible studies take place around Western Illinois. These students and coaches gather early before school starts or after practice for fellowship, accountability, and to be poured in to with a word from God. Below are some of the ways your investment is used:

  • Bibles for Coaches & Athletes
  • Huddle Ministry Kits
  • Student/Coach resources, books & Bible studies
  • FCA awareness bracelets for students and coaches
  • Scholarships to help coaches and athletes attend IL Sports Camp, FCA Leadership Camp, & FCA Discipleship Camp
  • Huddle Breakfast
  • Ministry tools & Resources (office supplies, training materials, banquets, conferences, staff enrichment, etc.)